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Carrier Furnace There’s every reason to schedule annual maintenance for your heating system and no reason not to.  While homeowners still question, and sometimes neglect yearly check-ups, know that professional service is the most cost-effective defense against heating malfunctions, inflated energy usage, shortened service life, unsafe conditions, and degraded air quality.

Heating System Service & Maintenance

Costly repairs can be prevented with regular heating and furnace maintenance. Before the weather starts to change, schedule a system tune-up with Conway Air Conditioning. We’ll inspect your home’s heating system for damaged or worn components, and make sure that the furnace is fully prepared to handle cold weather demands.

Let a professional take care of your heating service!

Unfortunately, scheduling tune-ups with inexperienced, uncaring, or unskilled technicians isn’t going to deliver the results you’re counting on.  Trust the experts with proven history.  Listen to the recommendations of an extensive list of satisfied customers. Invest in one of the oldest heating and cooling companies in Conway, and know that we’ll always be here when you need us.  

Heating System Maintenance in Conway, SC | Furnace Service Carolina Forest, SC

Some very good reasons why Conway Air Conditioning highly recommends annual check-ups of your heating system include:

  • Safety – Whatever style or type of heating equipment you rely on, there’s no way to be absolutely certain it’s working without professional verification of startup, operation, and shutdown.  Fire hazards and dangerous levels of combustion byproducts, such as carbon monoxide, are some of the risks of faulty equipment.  Let Conway Air Conditioning ensure smooth and proper operation for your peace of mind.
  • Cost Savings – Reactive service is the most expensive service.  Emergency repairs are far more costly than scheduled tune-ups.  With seasonal troubleshooting, the technicians from Conway Air Conditioning locate and correct faulty components and ward off potential difficulties.  You’ll face fewer repair needs, saving money over the life of the system.
  • Extended Performance – When your system is kept in peak condition, it will last longer. Concerns with performance are addressed before causing cost-prohibitive corrections.
  • Reliability – Scheduling service in the fall allows plenty of time for any needed replacement parts to be ordered and installed.  Your system will be ready to handle the coming winter workload.  As a Carrier Factory Authorized Dealer, Conway Air Conditioning relies on Factory Authorized Parts.
  • Energy Savings – There’s no way your heating unit can live up to the original factory expectations of efficiency without yearly cleaning, tuning, and adjustment.  As dirt accumulates, and wear and tear sets in, equipment must work harder to achieve ideal temperatures, resulting in greater energy usage.
  • Superior Comfort – A clean, well-adjusted system performs better.  You’ll benefit from peak heating capacity for lowered operational costs.  And by eliminating contaminants such as mold, dust, pollen, dander, insects, and decomposing vermin from within the system, Conway Air Conditioning ensures cleaner, healthier air quality throughout your home.
  • Warranty Coverage – If your system is still protected by warranty, manufacturers often require a record of regular, professional service, or any damage sustained to the system due to neglect is not covered.  If your system is beyond warranty coverage, it may lack modern safety features.  Proactive maintenance is extremely important for the safe and continued operation of both state-of-the-art and antiquated heating equipment.

Regular heating maintenance has many benefits, especially when working with the exceptional team at Conway Air Conditioning!

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